How to Maximize Business in the Summer

For some businesses, summer is the busiest time of year, while for others the summer months tend to be the slowest. We’ve created a short list on how to maximize business potential in the summer season.



If your business is slowyou’ll want to use this time for planning and letting customers know that you’re still in full swing business mode. Here are a few items to consider if summer is among your slowest months.

  • Conduct a mid-year review/analysis

It may be wise to use this slow period to conduct a mid-year review and analysis. This can help you forecast for the next couple of months and help to make business decisions from there.


  • Use this time to update your website and prepare for the busy months ahead

Sometimes website updating gets pushed aside or delayed. Slow periods are the perfect time to regroup and make any website updates that reflect any changes in your business. You can also use this time to prepare any documents and upload them to the site for future annual promotions or events (just make sure that they remain unpublished until the promotion or event is live).  


  • Networking - use Stampede

During this slow period your business could benefit from networking at various summer events in the city. Networking is a good way to make use of slow periods and add to the sales roster when business is busier.


  • Keep social media platforms alive

Even in your business slow time it’s important to keep all social media active. Even if it’s lighter than the busy times it’s still important to let customers know that you’re still in business. Use this time to let your social media audience know about upcoming events or promotions in the coming months.


  • Keep emails going

It’s also important not to stop email communication during the slow period either. Similar to the social media portion, let your email subscribers know of what's to come and what they can look forward to in the next couple of months.


If you business is busiest you’ll want to maximize sales in this busy period.

  • Run promotions and events

Think about running new summer specials to create the return visitor. Think back to last year and analyze where the past events and promotions could be improved upon. A key is to focus on providing your customer base with something unique that they can’t necessarily get anywhere else.


  • Strengthen relationships

This is the time to go into relationship building overdrive. Try your best to strengthen relationships with customers and expand your current database, which you can then use in the slower months as a marketing tool.


  • Encourage repeat business to new customers

You want people who are new to return! Draw them back by offering some type of trial or promotion offer that they can’t refuse.


  • Actively gather reviews

The busy season is the best time to actively seek reviews from your most satisfied clientele. It’s hard to get reviews in your slow times so use the busy times to your advantage.


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