The Realm Of Digital Advertising

What Is It & Why Do I Need It?



As a business owner that has established an online presence with a website, you may be wondering how you can increase traffic to your website. You might be thinking that more traffic means more eyes on your brand and therefore more sales. Realistically, more website traffic doesn’t automatically mean more sales, unless of course it is targeted traffic, and that’s a different story.

Targeted traffic is what digital advertising is all about, as targeted campaigns push qualified traffic to your website. This means that people that have shown an interest via your digital advertising campaigns, will eventually land on your website - increasing the probability that they will take the action that you want them to on the website. Whether that be - filling out a form, downloading a PDF or making a purchase.

Digital advertising is a great way to supplement your organic traffic, which tends to be the breadwinner when it comes to website traffic. The specific mix of advertising tools needed to run a successful digital campaign will vary according to business type (product or service) and industry.

The first advertising tool to think about is Google AdWords. Google AdWords is great to supplement your organic listings or to add paid listings for terms that you do not organically rank for.

The next tool to think about is social media advertising. You can advertise your brand on Facebook, Twitter (and soon Instagram) to name a few. If your target market is on these social media platforms, advertising on them is a good way to reach markets that are similar to your current customer base.

Retargeting is the next type of digital advertising that is especially important to consider if your website has an online store. For those that are unaware, retargeting is when you see an ad of a site that you’ve just visited on a seemingly unrelated site. Basically, this type of advertising is a type of reminder - you may have left something in your shopping bag unpurchased or simply visited a certain number of web pages.

Digital advertising is something to keep in mind when developing your online strategy as it is an integral part of your online presence. Curious about how digital advertising can work for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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