Google Partners Connect Event

Just this past Wednesday (May 13, 2015)  we had our very first Google Partners Connect Event!

For those of you that haven’t heard of the Google Partners Connect Event before, it’s a livestream hosted by Google that educates small businesses (which would be the attendees to the event) about online advertising and how to enter and thrive in a digital landscape.



The two speakers that were live streamed during the event, included Fred Vallaeys and Matt Lawson, both long-time Google experts.

Fred Vallaeys is an AdWords Evangelist, and is a coveted expert in AdWords. He spoke to the small businesses that plan to, or currently run AdWords campaigns. He explained a few techniques on how these small businesses can better navigate the web and also expand their online presence through smarter customer insights. What this means is that as a small business, you can really dig into the information that means the most to your business and make informed decisions from there.

Matt Lawson is the Director of Search Ads Marketing. Lawson discussed the “micro moments” that guide a consumer's purchasing journey. Micro moments are described as “I-want-to-know,” “I-want-to-go,” “I-want-to-do,” and “I-want-to-buy.” He also discussed how businesses can use online marketing to reach potential customers during the moments that matter most.

The entire live stream was very insightful to the small business owners that attended our Google Partners event. We know that everyone that attended our live stream walked away with a different mindset and understanding of the online world.

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in attending in the future please contact us. We would love to add you to our waiting list as these events happen every few months, and usually run alongside new programs or changes to any of the Google line of products.


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