Remarketing is a term you may have heard at your Dealer20 meetings or dealership conferences, but what exactly is it? When it comes to the best online marketing practices for your dealership, Remarketing is a front-runner and there’s a good reason why.

Online remarketing via Google or Facebook PPC advertising has a very high success rate and it is predicted that in 2018 it will become the primary engine that drives lead-generation for dealerships. Simply put, remarketing is the practice of serving display ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand. Remarketing proves highly-effective in bringing back web traffic that has bounced from your website. Remarketing lets you serve re-targeted display ads that are both relevant and engaging based on a user’s past behavior to ensure your brand stays top of mind. This is incredibly effective particularly while consumers are in the consideration and evaluation phases. Remarketing is a re-engagement strategy that quickly encourages users to move to the next phase: Conversions.

At Storm Division, we strongly advise integrating remarketing into your marketing strategy, especially if you want to see a higher rate of success.

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