Featured Client: Charlesglen Toyota

Take an inside look into how we assisted one of our automotive clients, Charlesgen Toyota, with finding success in the digital world with a brand new SEO-optimized, fully-responsive website and leading-edge PPC advertising on Google AdWords. 

Challenge- Charlesglen Toyota has been providing Albertans with some of the best automotive sales, service and customer experience since 1988. Charlesglen has a reputation for providing an exceptional personal touch as soon as you walk through the doors of their remarkable dealership and they needed an online presence that would reflect that. Storm Division was tasked with developing a new custom website for their dealership. The previous website’s chaotic design was outdated and difficult for users to maneuver, which resulted in an undesirable bounce-rate. Furthermore, the staff had difficulty managing their own site and vehicle inventory.  

Solution -  Using AutoAmaze, Storm Division’s own proprietary CMS, designed for automotive websites, we aimed to build a site that would be attention-grabbing and have straight-forward navigation for the user. Upon landing on the website, the user is immediately drawn to the eye-catching interchangeable promotional sliders. This makes it obvious to customers what the dealership can do for them and how to get there. Storm Division also wanted the site to be easy and accessible for the dealership to manage so that inventory, staff and promotions are always up-to-date. AutoAmaze has an uncomplicated back-end that allows employees to make updates effortlessly. Furthermore we ensured that the new website would be responsive on all devices, along with employing optimized SEO strategies to support a strong online presence. Also employing a suite of PPC online advertising, our team continues to drive increased traffic to the Charlesglen Toyota website.


Result- In comparison to the previous year, Charlesglen Toyota saw a 103% increase in pageviews and the average session increased by 33%. The websites easy navigation and responsiveness has increased the time users spend on the website as well as decreasing the bounce-rate. Storm Division used their expertise in web design, online marketing and custom coding to offer users a seamless experience while showcasing their phenomenal vehicles.


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