Understanding the importance of your dealership’s online presence and the need to have a lead-driven website is something your website provider should be well-versed at, at least if they’re good! But having a solid front-end to draw in consumers is only half the battle. That’s why our team of designers and developers puts a strong emphasis on both the front & back end. 

Our team has created our own unique and easy-to-use Content Management System, AutoAmaze, for all our automotive clients. All of Storm Division’s websites are created with the back-end AutoAmaze system, and unlike many other CMS’s, AutoAmaze gives you full access to manage your promotions, leads, inventory and website content with ease. Many website providers claim this, but we can prove it!


Benefits of AutoAmaze For Your Dealership:

1- Hassle-Free Inventory Management

AutoAmaze allows you to keep your dealership’s inventory up-to-date without any of the stress that comes with complicated technology. The easy-to-use back-end allows you to add or delete vehicles, edit pricing and promotions, with the aid of a fully-functional VIN Decoder. The system’s VIN Decoder automatically populates the vehicle’s information when the VIN is entered, making it easy to manage your incentives and rebates. AutoAmaze also supports a variety of inventory feed networks, such as PBS, DIS, Serti & many more, making inventory management uncomplicated.


2- Manage Promotions Effortlessly


The automotive industry is ever-changing as we transition from season to season, which is what we had in mind when we created the AutoAmaze promotions manager. With AutoAmaze you can change your website promotions and sliders, keeping them current and fresh with just the click of a button. You can also set specific dates and times to populate new sliders and remove old content.


3- Track and Manage Leads


AutoAmaze makes it simple to track your leads and connect to your CRM or DMS if needed. Our tracking system instantly notifies users by email or SMS when a lead-form is filled out on your website. Even when leads are coming through your CRM or external dashboard, all leads are catalogued and back-dated on AutoAmaze as an added failsafe.


4- Manage Staff & Departments

Your sales staff is ever-changing, which is why we make it easy for you to go in and add, remove or temporarily hide employees and departments. Create groups of employees, add & remove photos and populate descriptions and contact information in seconds


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