The Glue in the Storm Division Team

From coordinating the Storm team to overseeing client projects and providing a whole lot of comic relief around the office, Rheanna is always there for support.


Meet Rheanna Corpuz, Storm Division's 

sharp-eyed Executive Assistant.

“My position is to keep our team sharp,” she said. “This industry is fast-paced and always changing, which means our team is constantly on the go."

Between innovating, creating implementing and leading the industry, our team’s plates are always full, which is great - but that’s where Rheanna helps bring Storm Division over the top of the hump. Through project coordination, organization, preparation, and occasionally cracking some jokes for comedic relief, Rheanna is the glue that holds our team together!

“Why did I choose Storm Division? Simon and Nathan are two of the most passionate, generous, and down to earth people I’ve ever met,” Rheanna said. “Our team works hard so Storm Division remains a leading innovator in the industry. We’re Canadian made - #represent - and when we step in through the front door each morning our mentality is; ”the skies the limit”!

Speaking of stepping in, have you been to our office yet? It’s STUNNING! Rheanna invites you to come check us out and meet the team to discuss your marketing and technology goals. We’re here to help bring businesses to the next level, so let’s help bring you there!

“You ask why I chose Storm Division? Well, wouldn’t you?”

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