'Next Level' Marketing Has Arrived At Storm Division!

The digital world is constantly changing and as you've no doubt already read about, we sent out Digital Strategist, Emily, to the world-renowned Connect Search Engine Watch conference in Miami to learn more about all the latest digital trends in marketing. It's important to stay on top of the world of digital marketing because we want to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. We're always looking for new ways to invest in our customers and new knowledge is the perfect way to show that we're always striving to be cutting-edge when it comes to marketing your business online. 

At the conference, Emily learned from the likes of Google, Mariott Hotels, Lego and more very successful brands currently revolutionizing the way digital marketing is conducted. We're excited to bring a lot of our new knowledge to the table moving forward and can't wait to bring our customers to the next level.

From news of the death of the mobile hamburger to new penalties being imposed on pop-up advertisers on websites, we have a whole new arsenal of knowledge at our disposal. Social media tactics, Google search advertising, web optimization and more were all topics that were covered in-depth at the conference and are now being implemented right here at Storm Division.

If you were ever wondering why you should invest in us as your Digital Marketing agency, it's because we invest in you! We're not comfortable with the status quo and neither should you. Get ready for the game to change.

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