The Storm Has Arrived, Captain Storm That Is!

There's a storm brewing, and it's not what you might think. The City of Calgary has been overrun by bedroom web developers, keen to destroy the city with bad websites. Until now, there's been nobody around to stop them. Emerging from the shadows, a pink-clad caped crusaider has emerged, ready to take the city by Storm!

Meet Captain Storm. Not much is known about him at the moment, but we do know one thing; he hates bad websites. With a determination to fight back against the growning number of bedroom developers, our hero will stop at nothing to make sure Calgary is safe from non-responsive, template-generated and generically boring websites.

Be careful developers, Captain Storm might be showing up on your doorstep.

Meet Gary, a 30-something bedroom developer. He's well-known in the neighbourhood, and with a few months of HTML and coding under his belt, he's ready to make you a website. You know your company needs a stronger web presence, good on you! But calling Gary might be a big mistake. Not only will he use his 'Template Generator' to build you a website, but it won't even be responsive. And what happens when you discover your first broken link on the website - will Gary be there to fix your problem, or has he already taken your money and gone off to vacation in Hawaii?

Beware of people like Gary, they're out there! Captain Storm wants you to know that the only name you should trust with your website is Storm Division!

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