Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary Website Launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary’s (formerly known as Hyatt Auto Gallery - Mercedes Benz) brand new website!

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How to Maximize Business in the Summer

For some businesses, summer is the busiest time of year, while for others the summer months tend to be the slowest. We’ve created a short list on how to maximize business potential in the summer season.

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The Realm Of Digital Advertising

What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

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Google Partners Connect Event

Just this past Wednesday (May 13, 2015)  we had our very first Google Partners Connect Event!

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Lexus South Pointe Website Launch

We’re beyond pleased to announce the launch of Lexus South Pointe’s brand new website!

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Essex Lease Financial Corporation Website Launch

We couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of Essex Lease Financial Corporation’s website redesign

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Logo Design For Businesses

Do you require logo design for your small or large business? Here we’ve listed a couple of questions that your logo designer will ask you to make the process as smooth as possible.

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Instagram

Have you been recently wondering if your business needs Instagram? Well, with a community of over 300 million, one thing’s for sure, Instagram gives brands the ability to reach those additional millions of people through thoughtful, engaging, visual content. Another reason? Everyone else is doing it. A study conducted by Simply Measured states that 59% of the world’s top brands are now active on Instagram.

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MacPhee Ford Website Launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of MacPhee Ford’s brand new website

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Top 4 Website Design Basics

Your website is crucial in representing your business online, and is the face of your business 24/7.  Like a stunning physical location, you too would want people drawn to the physical appeal of a beautifully designed website. Here are some questions to ask yourself when representing your business through a website.

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Just Knock Consulting Website Launch

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Just Knock Consulting LTD. at

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Facebook In 2015- What To Expect

A lot has changed during the first quarter of 2015 for Facebook. With small and major changes, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent.

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The Future of Video Content

Where is the future of video content headed? Well, according to the sources listed below, live streaming and augmented reality are something to keep your eye on.

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Fast Facts About The April 21st Mobile Change

You may or may not have heard about the recent algorithm update that Google is yet to release on April 21, 2015. Well, mark your calendars. Every year a major algorithm update is released to help streamline search results for the user.

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How to get started with Search Engine Optimization

Whether your site has just launched or has been around for a while, one thing to consider is that search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO),  is ever-evolving. SEO refers to rankings on search engines. Although Yahoo and Bing are other search engines that are commonly used for search, optimizing it for Google first is considered a best practice as Google typically accounts for (85%+) of organic traffic.

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The Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords


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Building an Online Presence: For The New Business

A question most clients have when they come to us is “how can I increase sales with an online presence?”

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Storm Division Launches The Gary Moe Website Triad

It took a lot of commitment and teamwork to put together not only one, but three exceptional websites for Gary Moe Group. We are ecstatic to introduce Gary Moe Volkswagen, Gary Moe Hyundai, and Gary Moe Mazda websites created from the bottom up at their new interactive and stunning pages: Gary Moe Volkswagen, Gary Moe Hyundai, and Gary Moe Mazda.

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Storm Division is Now a Google Partner

As an official Google Partner, we are now excited to offer Google Apps for Work to all of our clients. With Google Apps for Work, once-frustrating email problems are now a thing of the past. No more overzeal-ous spam filters to drop legitimate messages or mobile compatibility problems. We offer a customized email system that is convenient, efficient and created by Google. Need we say more?

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Storm Division Launches Cedarglen Homes

It was a massive undertaking and a ton of hardwork. However, it only makes the launch of Cedarglen Homes' website at that much sweeter. 

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The Core Elements of a Great Web Design Team

Here's a fact: your website matters. It is your digital storefront, a source of leads and conversion, and a place where you can unabashedly broadcast your company's story. It is the place where you can boast about your accomplishments and make yourself remarkable. It is the heart of your online presence.

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Storm Division Team Grows!

The dynamic team at Storm Division has grown again, adding 3 new faces to our team.

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Five Ways Social Media Helps Your Business

Social media  is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. Investing in a presence on platforms that people check daily (and often multiple times a day) yields multiple benefits.

Here are five basic benefits to why having a strong presence on social media can help your business.

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Social Media Customer Service - 3 Essential Pointers

Social media has transformed how businesses not only broadcast their message, but also interact with their customers.

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5 Ways to Create an Authentic Brand Online

Authenticity matters when creating your online brand. Because the digital medium can be intangible and ephemeral, the more authentic you can be, the more tangible and human your brand becomes. Humanity allows for connection, through shared experiences and shared values. Sharing values with your customers creates trust.

You need authenticity to be trusted online.

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Why You Shouldn't Spend Money to Promote Your Page on Facebook

Facebook's filtering algorithm is no secret -  most businesses with a business page are aware of their reach.  We have even talked about creating content around Facebook's algorithm on the the Storm Division Blog

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Google's Panda 4.1 - What can you do if your traffic has been hit?


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Ello - Understanding Its Popularity & Learning From It


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5 Marketing Lessons from Weird Al Yankovic

It is quite an accomplishment for a musical artist to have sustained a 38 year long career throughout the tumltuous changes in the industry . Weird Al's longevity is proven; he is only the 3rd artist to boast a top 40 single in each decade since the 1980s, the other 2 being Michael Jackson and Madonna. 

Weird Al has clearly been able to adapt to the everchanging landscape of the music industry.  Over this past summer, he released his newest album, Manadatory Fun. It is the first comedy album to hit Billboard's #1 spot.  While the recent success is attributed to his savvy use of online digital marketing, his longevity also is a product of his marketing savvy across all those years.

His success is well worth studying - so here's 5 marketing lessons from Weird Al that will help you better market your business.


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Storm Division Launches Tyler Realty Corp's Website

Tyler-Realty-Corp-Website-Storm-DivisionWe're thrilled to announce the launch of Tyler Realty Corp. Ltd. website at

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Measuring the Influence of Social Media


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Storm Division Launches Blitzkrieg Motorcars Website


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Brain-Engaging Websites: A Case study of Cedarglen Homes’ New Website

Brain-image-storm-Division-BlogA great website does a lot of work for you - it communicates your brand, provides information to visitors and is your virtual piece of real estate online.One of the other things your website should do is stimulate your visitors’ brains - an engaging landing page is your first step to establishing your brand in their brains.

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Facebook Lessons for Business: What Recent Events Teach Us About the Virality and The Algorithm

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO talking about relevancy was famously quoted in a 2011 New York Times article, "A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa."

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Three Lessons To Learn from Ikea (With Actionable Advice) For Branding in the Digital Age


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